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Zhou Yaoting and Zhou Haijiang – The father and Son Donated Another 10 Million Yuan

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General Science Technology held the ceremony on Sep,18th in Shanghai Oriental Riverside Hotel which aims to celebrate its stock market launch and award the public through charitable activities. During the ceremony, Zhou Yaoting, the chairman of the board of Hongdou Group, and Zhou Haijiang, the president of Hongdou Group, donated another 5 million yuan respectively to Wuxi Yaoting Charity Foundation to help more people in need. This is the second time they donated to the foundation after they did the same in Mar, 2015 to establish the foundation. 

The combination of Stock Market Launch ceremony with charity activities demonstrated HOdo’s commitment to social responsibilities, public good and the construction of a harmonious society. During years of development, HOdo has participated in various kinds of charitable programs, donated more than 300 million yuan, become the first enterprise in China which has passed the certification conducted by social responsibility certification organization, and has been granted with Jiangsu Charity Prize and horned as “The Most Caring Enterprise Engaged in Charitable Donation”.


    The Zhou family’s donation of 10 million yuan is not motivated by sudden thoughts, instead, it is the result of their awareness of social responsibilities. The tradition of Zhou family is characterized by diligence, resource-saving and charity.

In order to save living expense, Zhou Yaoting has got used to eating cheap foods. Guo Liying, Zhou Yaoting’s wife, revealed that every day she chooses old vegetables instead of fresh ones as the latter contains more water and therefore is uneconomical. In this way, the family has managed to save the cost in vegetables. Another example is that Zhou Yaoting usually wears repaired socks instead of new ones to save cost though the price of a pair of new socks is less than 10 yuan. When Zhou Yaoting went to study in Germany, he wore the socks with the patches stitched by his wife.

        However, Zhou Yaoting is generous to the people in need. He has donated 150 thousand yuan in 1990s to save the life of Song Yanyuan, who suffered from hairy cell leukemia after her graduation from Beijing Institute of Clothing, 50 thousand yuan to construct Dangshang Primary School, 25 million yuan to support the charity foundation and 3 million yuan to fund the Taxus Chinensis Antineoplastic institute of Wuxi Red Cross etc.

 Zhou Haijiang, the secretary of the party committee and president of Hongdou Group, has also lived a simple life. Mr. Zhou eats the same working meal as all his employees and wears the uniform of the group, and like his father, he is generous to the people in need. During more than 10 years, he has continuously donated money to help six families in need and visited poor families by the end of each year. In 2006, Zhou Haijiang donated 1 million yuan to Wenchuan, the earthquake disaster area and 1 million yuan to three middle schools respectively, namely, Juyuan Middle School, Yinxiu Middle School and Beichuan Middle School to establish July, 1st HOdo scholarship.  

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