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General Science Technology, the Member of Hongdou Group, Successfully Went Public

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On Sep,19th, General Science Technology(Stock code: 601500), the member of Hongdou Group, held ceremony for initial public offering in Shanghai Stock Exchange, which symbolizes the company has successfully accessed to the capital market and entered into a new stage. 

       Luo Yiming, the vice chairman of Jiangsu Political Consultative Conference,   Wangquan, the vice secretary of Wuxi municipal party committee and Wuxi mayor, Deng Yali, the president of China Rubber Industry Association and Zhou Haijiang, the vice chairman of National Association of Industry and Commerce, the secretary of the party committee and the president of Hongdou Group stroke the ceremonial gong together at 9:30 in the morning to announce the company’s initial public offering. Lu Zhijian, the secretary of Xishan District Committee, Qiliang, the president of Citic Construction Securities and Gucui, the chairman of General Science Technology made their speeches respectively. Liu Jimin, the former deputy secretary of the state council, Chen Derong, the member of Wuxi Municipal Standing Committee and the minister of United Front Work Department and Zhou Yaoting, the chairman of the board of Hongdou Group attended the ceremony.

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Good Start – Share Price Rose by 44% on the First Day of Trading

It is learned that the price of A-share was set at 4.92 per share, the number of general capital was 727 million and total 175 million of shares were issued. At 9:30 on Sep, 19th, the share price jumped from the lowest during opening which was 5.9 RMB per share to the settling price 7.08 RMB/share. The price per share rose by 44% during the first day of trading. Going public, a milestone of General Science Technology, has laid a solid foundation for enhancing the manufacturing industry, speeding up the transformation and building China’s top brand tire.

In order to balance the distribution of short, medium and long distance products in the field of All Steel Radial Tire, expand the company’s production capacity, improve the company’s competitiveness and capability of independent research and development and build the first class research, development and inspection platform in China, the company plans to invest in the second phase engineering of all-steel products and the construction project of Tire Technology Research Center with the fund raised from capital markets. 

Centered on Innovation and Based on Technology

It is the gift of innovation and the strong support from market that enabled the company to maintain sustainable growth during recession and go public successfully. Moreover, the advanced innovation has led to a good start in initial public offering, rejuvenated China’s tire market and stood the test of time. Due to European and American countries frequently imposed tariffs on Chinese tires, domestic manufacturers have to be aware of the significance of reformation. As the leading enterprise of China’s truck tires, General Science Technology has made the strategic decision in early stage to develop top brand products through renovation.

Equipped with the provincial engineering technology research center for All-Steel Load-Bearing Radial Tires and state-certified laboratories, General Science Technology has been engaged in the national and provincial torch programs, and awarded with 173 patents and China Rubber Industry Enterprise Innovation and Development Prize and ranked among the top 10 innovative enterprises of Jiangsu industries. 

With innovation running through the whole process of research and development, General Science Technology has become the first enterprise to develop Industry and Mining Tires which has been favored by many truck drivers for its unique tread pattern design and outstanding performance. In addition, the company’s breakthrough technologies have led to its success in developing the long distance Tubeless Tires with high loading capacity and wear resistance. All these achievements have ensured its leading role in the market segments and increased its stock trading volume by 20% in 2015. It is reported by China Rubber Magazine that the company has gained around 30% market share in 2015 and has become the champion enterprise in the market of short-distance Industry and Mining Tires.

Look ahead and build China’s top brand tires

As the most commonly replaced component of a truck, the brand image and popularity of tires are of great importance. Because of this, General Science Technology made its decision to build China’s top brand tire and become the world-famous benchmark enterprise in China’s tire industry.

With its dedication to the technologies, products and service and close attention to the global development of technology, General Science Technology has become the first All-Steel Radial Tire manufacturer in China that created two different types of technologies characterized by zero degree damper layer structure and four belted layer structure respectively, and some of its products have met international standards.

The Qian Li Ma(Fast Running Horse) brand of General Science Technology has been awarded as “China Top Brand”, “China Famous Trademark”, “The Most Influential Benchmark Brand of China’s Tire Industry”, “Top Brand of China’s Tire Industry” and “Advantage Brand Prize of China’s Rubber Industry”, and has become truck drivers’ first choice. 

    The hundreds of image stores and more than 7900 brand stores in China’s various provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities directly under the central government, the strength in research and development and products, and the years of hard working have ushered in a new era of development for the company. 

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