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“General Science Technology”- Train Successfully Completed Its Maiden Journey

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      Jiangsu General Science Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter abbreviated as “General Science Technology, stock code: 601500) stroke the ceremonial gong, to announce the launch of its Initial Public Offering in Shanghai Stock Exchange on Sep,19th, which has started a new chapter for the company by allowing it to access the capital market. On Sep,20th., the “General Science Technology”- express train G489 cheerfully started its first journey from the west station of Nanchang, passed by various of provinces including Jiangxi, Hunan, Hubei, Henan and Hebei provinces and arrived at Beijing. Being an effective promotion strategy, the train aims to open a new window for Chinese people to learn the brand through a combined media group.  


The opening ceremony for the journey was held in the west station of Nanchang at 8:41 in the morning of Sep,20th. Hundreds of passengers on board witnessed the extremely high speed of the “General Science Technology” –train. The company has exhibited its five well-known brands including Qian Li Ma, Chi Tu Ma, Qi Ma, Xi Da Tong and Tong Yun through a series of comprehensive advertising approaches ranged from pillow towels, table plates, posters, stickers on luggage carriers, stickers on the glass doors, LED display to broadcast.  

General Science Technology, one of the high tech enterprises of Jiangsu province, was found in 1995. The company has become the leading enterprise in China’s All-Steel Radial Tire Replacement market, China Famous Brand enterprise and Jiangsu Famous Brand enterprise with its specialization in the research and development, manufacturing and sales of All-Steel Radial Tires and Bias Tires. During the twenty one years of development, General Science Technology has built a series of products with their brand names originated from the culture of horse including Qian Li Ma(Fast Running Horse), Chi Tu Ma(Chi Tu Horse), Qi Ma(Qi Horse), Xi Da Tong and Tong Yun(smooth transportation) etc., among which the Qian Li Ma(Fast Running Horse) brand has been awarded as “China Top Brand”, “China Famous Trademark”, “The Most Influential Benchmark Brand of China’s Tire Industry”, “Top Brand of China’s Tire Industry” and “Advantage Brand Prize of China’s Rubber Industry”, and has become truck drivers’ first choice. Inspired by the spirit of horse, the company has developed a series of wear-proofing, puncture resistant and heavy duty tires with horse-themed brand names which convey the pleasing sense of “Riding on the running horse, travelling around the wonderful world.” 

It is known that express trains are characterized by super high speed. By advertising on the trains, General Science Technology has instilled the spirit of horse into China’s main traffic tool, and united China’s top brand with China’s top speed. Despite of the difficulties posed by the current recession and fierce competition, General Science Technology has managed to steadily increase its market share with superior quality, sound reputation and especially its wise decision in selecting the target markets. During the stage of research and development, the company has decided to center on All-Steel Radial Tires with high technology content and high added value instead of Passenger Car Tires so as to avoid intense competition. Based on a further study on marketing, the company became the first enterprise successfully developed the Short-distance Industry and Mining Tires tailor to the special requirements of transportation in mines. With high durability, excellent load bearing capacity, and the best price - performance ratio, the product has been hailed as “the top tire for mines”. At the same time, the company has developed medium-long distance road transportation tires and medium-short distance tires with high load-bearing capacity etc. to increase its market share.  With its success in the tire industry, General Science Technology enabled China’s tire speed to enter into a new stage.

Guided by the spirit of fast running horses, General Science Technology has set the target for the next stage, that is, to strengthen the real economy, to gain greater access to financing through capital markets, and to enhance and enrich the manufacturing and service industry when moving steadily forward.

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