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HodoGroup Thoroughly Deployed the 10th “Scientific Quality Month” Activity

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Hodo group welcomed the 10th “Scientific Quality Month” this September since it responded to the call of the nation quality month and set every September as the Quality month from2005. In 2014—the Efficiency year of the group, Hodo specially set the subject as “Scientific Quality Month”. By working along with both lines of quality promotion and scientific innovation and carrying out the work of “ two promotions and three rectifications”, Hodo exert itself to build quality aircraft carrier and provide enormous support to the strong quality of the enterprise and to assist the new development of “ A Hundred billion Hodo, A Beautiful Hodo and A Happy Hodo”.

A continuous promotion comes from the unceasing competition. In this Scientific quality month, each secondary company set up very detailed plans by fixing product benchmarks, analyzing and finding the gap, making operable comparison tables, and tackling the technique problems from the tables. Besides, based on the further pursuit of products, each branch company worked together inside and outside and finally fixed a series of potential scientific programs( new product, new technology, new materials and new process) and are planning wide university-industry cooperation by making the full use of social resources. Except the two promotions of the product (service )quality and innovation ability, “Two promotions and three rectifications” also launched the scientific quality month activity to each secondary company from three aspects of “ excellence and efficiency, rationalization proposals, criticism and self-criticism work deep into party members and grass-roots people. Only with every employee’s quality awareness, can Hodo realize the aims of strong quality and speeding up Hodo’s transformation of manufacturing to creation, speed to quality, products to brands development .


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