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2016 HOdo memorabilia

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On October 12, President Xi Jinping published his signed article To Be Good Neighbor and Sincere Friend in the newspaper Light of Cambodia and thereof said that “the booming Special Economic Zone of Sihanouk Port is the Sino-Cambodia model of practical cooperation”. And on October 13, it specially mentioned in the Sino-Cambodia Joint Statement that the two governments would “properly proceed with the Special Zone of Sihanouk Port”.


On February 2, Yu Zhengsheng, member of the Standing Committee of the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee, presided over the private entrepreneurship symposium and Zhou Haijiang was invited to participate the symposium and give a good speech in combination of the company development and the current macroeconomic situation.


On August 17, the central government convened the “one belt and one road” construction promotion symposium and Xi Jinping, general secretary of the CPC Central Committee, was present at the symposium to give an important speech. And Zhou Haijiang sat in the first row. After the symposium, General Secretary Xi said: “Cambodia is the key junction country in the ‘one belt and one road’ with very important effects, so we shall properly construct the Sihanouk Port Zone”.


On June 7, the Special Economic Zone of Sihanouk Port invested in and constructed by HOdo and other Sino-Cambodia enterprises embraced its ceremony of “100 enterprises settling in the park”. And Hun Sen, Cambodian Premier was present at the ceremony.


On July 1, the 95th CPC founding anniversary was held in Beijing Great Hall of the People. And HOdo CPC Committee Secretary Zhou Haijiang jointly gained the praises of President Xi and other Central Government officers with the CPC members from all over China and Zhou Haijiang was granted the title of “the National Outstanding CPC Worker”.

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On June 20, Jiangsu Private Investment Holdings Ltd. led by HOdo was incorporated. On November 1, the first Industrial Foundation Summit Meeting of international Internet of Things Expo was held in HOdo Group and HOdo led and incorporated the Chinese Internet of Things Industrial Foundation.


On August 9, the 16th HOdo Magpie Festival was held. And HOdo launched the special live program lasting 180 minutes – HOdo Magpie Festival for worldwide lovers with CCTV 3 in order to climax the festival and draw wide attention from the society.


On September 19, Jiangsu General Technology Co., Ltd. took the issuance and listing ceremony at the Shanghai Stock Exchange, so the group had three listed companies of HOdo Holdings, General Technology Holdings and Yew wherein the first two are the listed motherboard companies.


On October 15, the highest building in the New Xidong District – HOdo Fortune Plaza Office Building took its capping ceremony. In the future, it might attract more top 500 enterprises at home and abroad for settlement so as to bring more vitality to Xidong.


HOdo Holdings additionally invested CNY 1.81 billion in construction of the HOdo intelligent project. And such project includes construction of the five major systems, that is, intelligent design, intelligent products, intelligent supply chain system, intelligent full-channel SPA system and smart management; and on December 29, Li Qiang, Provincial Committee Secretary witnessed the project contract signing.


Wuxi Yaoting Charitable Foundation held several activities highlighting care for senior citizens. On September 18, HOdo Board Chairman Zhou Yaoting and his son HOdo President Zhou Haijiang donated CNY 10 million in their own names in the general technology holdings listing acknowledgement and charity activity and successively CNY 2 million in total to the foundation so as to further expand its scale.


According to the big data of the People’s Daily, HOdo Board Chairman Zhou Haijiang was one of the most popular entrepreneurs mentioned by the newspaper in 2016 while he was nominated for total 13 times with his rank at the front. Moreover, HOdo Group was also reported for total 11 times by the newspaper and the People’s Network. And CCTV and its Joint News reported the Special Zone of Sihanouk Port for 8 times.

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