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Zhou Haijiang succeeds as chairman of the group board and CEO

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On January 9, Zhou Yaoting resigned as group chairman of the board due to his age at the board meeting convened of HOdo Group and Zhou Haijiang, HOdo Board Co-Chairman and President succeeded as board chairman and CEO.


Zhou Haijiang won the presidential election first taken of HOdo by a wide margin in 2004. And during his tenure of 12 years, Zhou Haijiang took audacious reforms and innovations so that HOdo constantly grew at a high speed with its operating income from CNY 6 billion in 2003 to CNY 50.3 billion in 2015 and its group scale increased by nearly 9 times and HOdo ranked the 64th among the top 500 Chinese private enterprises; meanwhile, he actively probed into and practiced   modern enterprise system highlighting Chinese characters based on the CPC principles, so his achievements were supported and promoted by the Central Organization Department through issuance. HOdo took the leading position to develop the Special Economic Zone of Cambodian Sihanouk Port which became the model of “one belt and one path” and got high remarks by President Xi Jinping to be written into the Sino-Cambodia Joint Statement. The group has three public listed companies by now, including HOdo Corporation, General Technology Corporation and Yew Biotech. Moreover, Zhou was elected successively to be CPC representative for the 17th and 18th National Congresses and was the cover star of the global famous financial and economic magazine Forbes in the English version; and with the honorary titles of excellent constructor for socialism with Chinese characteristics, Chinese elite youth medal and national model worker etc. in his hand, Zhou successively gets the new honorary titles of national outstanding CPC worker, redbud cup elite entrepreneur achievement award, 2016 top 10 newsmakers of Chinese private economy etc. this year. As the top-level decision maker, Zhou Haijiang took the positions of the group board chairman and CEO to get rid of daily heavy management affairs and concentrate on HOdo strategic direction and major operating decisions for better, faster and healthier company development.


At this board meeting, the participants elected the new president by use of the candidate election rules constantly carried out in HOdo Group (the election of the internal key posts are all subject to the performance-oriented principle and the candidate election rules). After the 41 board directors took the two rounds of votes by anonymous ballots for the 5 candidates, Zhou Haiyan finally became the new president responsible to the board chairman and CEO so as to take charge of routine group operation and management and deal with the daily functional affairs.


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