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Zhou Haijiang’s family is granted the first title of “Jiangsu Civilized Family”

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On January 18, the first session of Jiangsu Civilized family commendation conference was sponsored by Jiangsu Province Civilization Office and convened at the Nanjing International Conference Center. And the family of Hodo Board Chairman Zhou Haijiang was granted the first title of Jiangsu Civilized Family due to their active participation in charity and sound family education. As Jiangsu Province boasts 24 million households in total, the participants at this meeting listened to the comments of Jiangsu Provincial CPC Committee Secretary Li Qiang and the speeches of Wang Yanwen, Jiangsu Provincial CPC Committee Standing Committee Member and Promotion Minister.

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Since September 2016, the departments such as Provincial CPC Committee Promotion Department, provincial civilization office and Provincial Women’s Federation simultaneously conducted the first session of Jiangsu Provincial Civilized Family Election and the Provincial Civilized Office decided on granting the first honorary titles of Jiangsu Civilized Family to the 100 families of Zhou Haijiang, Feng Shu etc. though orderly and strict election at all levels.

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