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HOdo holds the annual meeting of 2017 New Spring Festival

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As the year of 2016 full of striving and ardor has come to its end, the year of 2017 embracing challenges and opportunities has been kicked off. On this festival occasion, HOdo annual meeting of 2017new Spring Festival was held at the Yew Villa Conference Center on February 21, while Donggang Town Headman Zhang Sheng, HOdo Group Founder and Shareholders’ Board Chairman Zhou Yaoting, HOdo Directors’ Board Chairman and CEO Zhou Haijiang, HOdo President Zhou Haiyan and other officers got together with the group cadres at the directorship level or above, plant heads, old cadres, senior talents and backbone employees to jointly celebrate this wonderful and memorable moment embracing the New Spring Festival.


At the annual meeting, HOdo Directors’ Board Chairman and CEO Zhou Haijiang gave a speech to retrospect and comment on 2016 work of the group and thank all employees for their industrious work in the past year.


Looking into this year, Zhou Haijiang hoped that the whole group would “highlight constant growth” and not only carefully work with all efforts but also pinpoint the right growth direction. This year, he hoped that the whole staff would unite as one and spare no efforts in creating good achievements for HOdo goals at the hundreds of millions of CNY level.

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