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HOdo embraces “a good start” in 2017

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At the beginning of 2017, HOdo embraces “the good performance”

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On February 5, over 1,900 first-line staff had returned to their posts in advance at a workshop of the 1st steel plant subordinate to the General Technology Holdings; and at present, the daily yield of the workshop exceeds 10,000 bars.


During the Spring Festival, the brands of “HOdo Men’s Clothing”, “HOdo Furniture” and “HOdo Textile” all took the “no-end” operating strategy and the customer service and order acceptance, shipment from the warehouse, after-sales services etc. remained. Therefore, the online sales of HOdo Men’s Clothing increased by 17.11% on the year-on-year basis and so did HOdo Furniture by 59%!


In January, only one chain outlet of HOdo Men’s Clothing had its sales completion ratio of 140%, with the comparable growth rate of 34%.

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