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HOdo: 60 years’ perseverance in industrial development

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An event entitled "For Chinese Industry Endorsement" by popular financial TV program Dialogue on China Central Television 2 (CCTV2) invited Zhou Haijiang, chairman of HOdo Group to share HOdo’s 60 years’ story on April 10.


Zhou’s father, Zhou Yaoting, then head of the knitwear mill, advised him to resign from Hohai University and work at the mill as it was badly in need of undergraduates.

Over the past 30 years, Zhou started as a deputy director of a workshop, a secretary, a general manager of a constituent company, and in 2004, he was elected group president by virtue of his great achievement.

In Zhou’s free time, he keeps on learning and has already studied in Fudan University, Tongji University, and Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, as a move to explore innovation and push forward reform in HOdo.

The past 30 years witnessed HOdo grow into a large multinational enterprise group with over 50 billion yuan in annual sales.

HOdo lays emphasis on brand building all the time. Zhou made a bold decision to allocate 1.6 million yuan to advertise at CCTV in the early 1990s, when many similar firms even ignored trademarks.

And the brand “HOdo” was widely known after an anchor of Xinwen Lianbo, the daily primetime news program on CCTV-1, put on its clothes on the program.

Looking forward to the future, HOdo will move toward the goal of “serving the country through industrial development and realize common prosperity”.

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