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HOdo conducts a public-spirited activity again for centenarians

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A public-spirited activity, themed “care for centenarians”, came off at the HOdo Yew Resort, Wuxi on April 17.


Yaoting charity foundation, set up by Zhou Yaoting and Zhou Haijiang in 2015, provided 100,000 yuan for eight people who just turned 100 years old at the scene. It has held the public-spirited activity for three consecutive years.

In recent years, Donggang town, where HOdo is located, has seen a growth trend of the number of centenarians. In 2012, the number was six, and it reached 18 in 2017. Besides, the number of people in age from 90 to 99 is over 680.


HOdo began to cultivate Chinese yews in large scale in Donggang town in 1997, because taxifolincan be found in Chinese yews, so this plant is used against cancer with extracted  paclitaxel and taxol. In addition, the tree can make the air clean.


Its sub-company Jiangsu Yew Biotechnology Co was already listed on the National Equities Exchange and Quotation, or the "New Third Board", in January 2014.

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