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‘Three Self-dependences’ directs HOdo’s transition

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Building brands with craftsmanship and driving development with innovation, the Board Chairman and CEO of HOdo Zhou Haijiang said in the lecture at the first Jiangsu Development Summit, May 20.

Zhou put forward self-dependent brands, self-dependent innovation and self-dependent capital, or “Three Self-dependences”, this year. Building self-dependent brands, in particular, is the foundation of an enterprise, Zhou said.

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The State Council, China' cabinet, has approved a Chinese Brands Day, to be held on May 10 each year from this year. Influential brands are symbols of the overall competitiveness of companies and countries, and can help lead economic transition.

Self-dependent innovation covers technologies, products, industry patterns and business models. China’s enterprise innovation has entered a rapid development stage featured by a larger scale, rich forms and strong potential, showing a sound performance with the joint development of multiple industries through various types. Innovation has driven the world economic center transferred several times during the past 500 years.

Building brands with craftsmanship and driving development with innovation is bound to lead an enterprise to the success, Zhou said at the end of his speech.

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