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Zhou Haijiang’s family gets ‘China’s most beautiful Family’ Award

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The family of Zhou Haijiang, Board Chairman and CEO of HOdo, won the “China’s most beautiful Family in 2017” Award on May 24, on account of making earnest efforts to promote public good and food family tradition and family education.

“My father is an economical person, but he cares for elderly persons of no family in the village,” said Zhou, adding that his father has visited seniors before the Spring Festival every year.

Under the influence of his father, Zhou insists on making donations for education, helping the poor and assisting the needy, which gains supports from his wife, Liu Lianhong.

After the massive earthquake struck Wenchuan, Sichuan province in 2008, Zhou donated one million yuan to support the reconstruction of quake-stricken areas and another one million yuan to three middle schools; In 2010, he donated one million to the quake-stricken Yushu, Qinghai province; This year, he launched a senior Party members’ foundation with 20 million yuan.

Over the years, Zhou has donated around 50 million yuan to difficult employees, socially disadvantaged groups, and disaster relieves. Meanwhile, HOdo Group has donated over 300 million yuan.

Zhou Zhiyuan, Zhou’s eldest son, held a simple wedding in 2015 and donated 100,000 yuan they saved to the Wuxi Children Welfare Office, as well as 100,000 yuan worth of down jackets.

In addition, Zhou Haijiang and his father set up a philanthropic foundation with 20 million yuan in 2015, in order to carry forward Chinese filial piety. Every centenarian in the Donggang town can be subsidized with 100,000 yuan.

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