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HOdo ranks 84th among China’s 500 Most Valuable Brands in 2017

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The World Brand Lab announces the watch report on “China’s Top 500 most valuable brands” for 2017 (14th) on the World Brand Meeting, held on June 22 in Beijing. The watch report was produced on the basis of financial status, consumer behaviors and brand strength.


HOdo landed at number 84 on the list, with 38.03 billion yuan in brand value. It improved nearly 7 billion yuan over last year.

Zhou Yaoting, founder of HOdo Group, firmly believed that only good products together with familiarly known names can bring an enterprise on the brink of collapse back to life.

One day, he drew inspiration from a millennium Chinese Yew (Hongdou in Chinese), which was given cultural connotation by Wang Wei of the Tang Dynasty (618-907). Hence “Hongdou” became a brand.

In 1989, HOdo pumped 1.6 million yuan into advertisement in CCTV; in 1992, an anchor of Xinwen Lianbo, the nation's most influential news program, wore HOdo’s clothes on the program.

Clothing is the pillar industry of HOdo Group, which has made a leap from product management to self-owned brand, from product manufacture to self-dependent innovation.

At present, HOdo apparel is creating franchise chain systems, including “HOdo men’s wear”, “Hodohome”, “HOdo home textile” and “HOdo children's garments”, so as to accelerate the network construction of brands and development of e-commerce and strengthen technological innovation to accelerate transformation and upgrading.

In the face of the wave of information that sweeps the globe, HOdo put forward the strategic objective of “Smart HOdo”, including five systems, namely, smart design, smart product, smart supply chain system, smart full-channel SPA system and smart management.

It is also actively carrying out comprehensive reconstruction, transformation and upgrading with the help of technological means, such as Internet and IOT. Meantime, it resorts to capital market to actively construct “Smart HOdo” project, and steps onto an intelligent development road with HOdo characteristics.

HOdo Shares took hands with Accenture, the international consultancy, on May 4, to jointly build “Smart HOdo”. It symbolized the launch of “HOdo Shares informatization”. The powerful alliance between “the well-known domestic apparel enterprise” and “the world’s largest management and information technology consultancy” also indicated a big step forward in the construction of “Smart HOdo” of HOdo Shares.

Zhou Haijiang, Board Chairman of HOdo Group, holds that an enterprise has to have self-owned brands to share the international market.

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