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Zhou Haijiang: to realize all-win through intelligent development

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Since the global financial crisis China's manufacturing sector has been facing great pressure and challenges. China's manufacturing sector has been gradually losing the advantages it had enjoyed, and it is yet to gain new advantages based on innovation and technological advancement, or a new business model.

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President Xi Jinping highlighted the importance of building a strong real economy and boosting the manufacturing industry amid the government's efforts to stabilize economic growth and deepen reform. He said that for a big country like China, it's a must to develop the real economy.

The manufacturing sector in China receives more support as policymakers try to stabilize and restructure the economy now. Therefore, it’s the best time for HOdo. HOdo put forward the strategy of “Intelligent HOdo”, covering design, products, supply chain systems, SPA systems and management.

HOdo has kept on the path of real economy for 60 years from a small workshop. However, automation and intellectualization are key for the future manufacturing. Therefore, intellectualization is the gate for HOdo to long-term development.

Meanwhile, HOdo adheres to the concept of “all-win of shareholders, employees, clients, suppliers, partners, governments, environment and the society”. High efficiency what intellectualization will bring is bound to benefit the eight parties.

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