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HOdo recognizes IoT

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The four-day World Internet of Things (IoT) Exposition in Wuxi appealed to representatives of over 500 businesses and institutions from more than 20 countries and regions.

China Sensing IoT Fund was jointly initiated by the World SensingNet, HOdo Group, Far East Holding Group and Hairong Capital on Sep 12. Wuxi Mayor Wang Quan said the fund is of great significance, in particular for industries. It is reported that the fund will raise 10 billion yuan in recent years.

Why did HOdo join in the fund? Zhou said HOdo, hammering at industries for 60 years, intends to grasp the turning point to embrace the upcoming future.

This May, HOdo signed a contract with the global management consulting and professional services company Accenture o cooperate in supply chains, IT, financial management, product design, commodity management and network marketing. It marked a further step to the Intelligent HOdo.

Meanwhile, HOdo set foot in wearable products. For example, its unmanned retail clothing stores caught eyes on the World Internet of Things Exposition.

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