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HOdo’s CEO appears on video display in Times Square

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The Chinese private entrepreneurs growing with China's reform and opening up represent an important force in China's economic development. Their role in various fields in China not only aroused attention from global governments, but also opened the eyes of the global media.

The program "Chinese Dream: Pioneers" recently interviewed two outstanding representatives of Chinese private entrepreneurs Zhou Haijiang, Board Chairman of Hodo Group, and Chen Zemin, Founder of China Sanquan Group and Board Chairman of Zhengzhou Dimette New Energy Technology Co., Ltd.

Zhou Haijiang, who held the new book release conference for  The Modern Enterprise System with Chinese Characteristics, and Chen Zemin, who proposed the idea of "The First Year of China's Geothermal Development", attracted widespread concern with their breakthrough and innovativeness in early 2017. 

"Chinese Dream: Pioneers" is an exclusive interview program mainly to interview pioneers and leaders in all walks of life under the premise of Chinese dream.

It aims to demonstrate personages' and enterprises' brave innovation and struggle for dreams.

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