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Zhou Haijiang: industry-university-research cooperation to lead enterprises innovate

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Zhou Haijiang, HOdo’s Board Chairman, strives to be an innovator all the time.

Over the past ten years, Zhou grasped every transformation and development opportunity and led the group to be a national quality management benchmark by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology.

Zhou views talented people, platforms and inputs as HOdo’s hi-tech innovation capacities.

To introduce talents, seven of HOdo’s sub-companies have set up postdoctoral workstations, academician workstations and postgraduate workstations, as well as technique centers, industrial design centers and engineering research centers. Besides, Hodo has launched a special fund to reward technology talents.

During 2017, Hodo applied for 256 patents. Up to 2017, HOdo had owned over 3,000 patents in total.

The past five years witnessed the group’s 49.33 percent year on-year growth in revenue, 110.03 percent in tax.

“We persist in innovation in development and development through innovation,” said Zhou.

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