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Zhou Haijiang: nominee of national moral model

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HOdo’s board chairman Zhou Haijiang was nominated as national moral model recently by the central government.

National moral models are expected to guide the moral construction of all citizens, who should carry forward the spirit of promoting socialist core values as they learn from good people and their deeds.

Zhou views honesty and trustworthiness as the precondition of HOdo’s growth. HOdo is striving to install a sound financial system all the time to avoid tax evasion. In 1988, HOdo set up the legal advisory office to ensure lawful operation.


As HOdo is honest and law-abiding, it has won accolades as AAA Grade Credit Enterprise at national, provincial and municipal level.

In addition, HOdo puts over 100 million yuan every year in staff training and around 80 million yuan in board and lodging.

HOdo sticks to the concept of all-win among shareholders, employees, clients, suppliers, partners, governments, environment and the society and complementing each other's advantages. 

It ensures the investment safety and rights of shareholders, especially small shareholders, provides platforms for employees’ development, leads employees grow together, provides cost-effective goods and over-value services for clients, forms strategic cooperative relationship with suppliers, forms an ecosphere of common existence and prosperity with franchisees, agents and intermediary services, contributes to employment, taxes and social stability,  ensures environmental sustainability, and improves adjacent community, supports public undertakings and promoting social harmony.

Meanwhile, HOdo make earnest efforts to promote public good. For years, HOdo has donated more than 300 million yuan.

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