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HOdo 2015 Jiangsu Trip for Employment and Pioneering of College Students across Taiwan-Strait

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On the morning of July 24, “Return to Native Place in the Youth and the 2015 Jiangsu Trip for Employment and Pioneering of College Students across Taiwan-Strait” accessed HOdo Group, and more than 70 college students and on-campus college students of the world’s best-known universities in Taiwan participated in the activity. Zhou Haijiang, vice chairman of All-China Federation of Industry & Commerce, secretary of the party committee and president of HOdo Group, shared his story of making a career with these students and briefed the development of HOdo Group and the development orientation of transformation and upgrading to break through the bottleneck.       


Zhou Haijiang believes that Taiwan youth has wide knowledge, broad international vision, good study ability and can work in a down-to-earth style, and thus they enjoy universal popularity in mainland China in terms of employment and pioneering their own businesses. Zhou pointed out that HOdo Group is speeding the development of industrial-financial group system as well as securitization, internationalization, informatization and chain-orientation. He hoped to introduce the chain brands of the mature service industry of Taiwan to mainland China, and at the same time the Taiwan youth may, as per their own resource and advantages, make their own careers by establishing chain brands in the mainland.      

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