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Zhou Haijiang: entrepreneurs should hold responsibility

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HOdo’s Board chairman Zhou Haijiang attended the conference of All-China Federation of Industry and Commerce (CFIC) in Beijing, Nov 24.

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Zhou said at his speech that entrepreneurs bear critical missions during the process of our country’s building of a well-off society in an all-round way. Under the new normal of economic development, enterprises are confronted with new challenges, so it is a good time for enterprises to give full play their abilities.

He put forward three responsibilities that private entrepreneurs should take, that is, political responsibility, development responsibility and social responsibility.

He said that entrepreneurs should follow state policies, which are enterprises’ guiding lights, and have full confidence in the future of the country.

Besides, as China waves goodbye to its phase of rapid growth, to embrace a high-quality development, Chinese producers are aiming to break new technological frontiers in the pursuit of quality.

For China's industrial circle, high-quality development can only be achieved by seeking new growth areas through supply-side reform. Traditional growth models were reaching their limit. China's efforts in cutting overcapacity will help stimulate new vitality in economic development

Last but not least, “an enterprise should undertake social responsibility to repay society,” Zhou Haijiang said.

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