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Zhou Haijiang attends Yabuli China Entrepreneurs Forum

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HOdo board chairman Zhou Haijiang was invited to the 2017 Yabuli China Entrepreneurs Forum·Tianjin Summit in December.

According to Zhou’s speech at the summit, the garment manufacturer has closely followed the CPC's policies during its six decades, helping it to grow from a small workshop to an industry leader with annual sales revenue of 3 billion yuan ($456 million).

For example, investments from HOdo are closely linked to the establishment of Sihanoukville Special Economic Zone in southern Cambodia, which has become a key part of China's Belt and Road Initiative in Southeast Asia.

A number of excellent Chinese companies have located there, bringing their technical prowess and providing job opportunities to 14,000 Cambodian nationals.


“The booming Sihanoukville Special Economic Zone stands as testimony to how fruitful China-Cambodia cooperation can be,” Chinese President Xi Jinping published a signed article in the leading Cambodian newspaper Rasmei Kampuchea under the title "China and Cambodia: Good Neighbors and Trusted Friends", ahead of his state visit to the Southeast Asian country.

As Zhou explained, private companies usually meet three major challenges: misjudging opportunity in the market, insufficient supply of talent and loose bonding between employees.

"Party building is the most effective way of addressing these challenges," he said.

According to Zhou, Party building activities help private companies to realize their corporate social responsibilities.

"The companies' relationships with the government, society, shareholders, employees, partners, and customers will become smoother as a result of Party building activities. Plus the bonds between the employees will have also become closer," he said.

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