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Taxus Chinensis Drugstore sends love and health during the Magpie Festival

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On July 24, Taxus Chinensis Drugstore organized a three-day activity entitled “send love and health during the Magpie Festival”, including famous TCM doctor’s offering service at the drugstore, free blood pressure measurement, free measurement of bone mineral density and so on. In addition, the drugstore offered many considerate presents so as to enable more citizens to be exposed to the care of taxus chinensis. After related advanced publicity, a great many citizens showed up in the drugstore on the first day of the activity. But the busy working staff in the drugstore did everything methodically and offered detailed explanations to every customer carefully. Owing to a strong user focus, the activity has won general approval among customers. The three days’ great efforts allowed the drugstore to double its sales volume than the same period of previous year.   

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