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HOdo: A Brand is composed of technologies and culture

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HOdo’s emphasis on brand building ran through the enterprise’s development. Zhou Haijiang put forward “three independences”, including independent innovation and independent brands.

Only monopoly of innovation can bring high profits to private enterprises, in Zhou’s view. Therefore, HOdo make much account of talented people, platforms and capital input.

It implemented a talent introduction program, and set up nine R&D centers, such as a national clothing technology center. HOdo obtains around 300 patents every year. Its three listed subsidiaries are new and high technology enterprises.

Brands, as carriers of innovation, can maximize the value of innovation. HOdo has been committed to building cultural brands since it was founded. “红豆”, “HOdo” and “千里马” are identified as Chinese well-known trademarks.

Last May, HOdo signed a contract with the global management consulting and professional services company Accenture, in order to cooperate in supply chains, IT, financial management, product design, commodity management and network marketing. It marked a further step to the Intelligent HOdo.

HOdo set the strategic goal of intelligent development in 2015. It covers design, products, supply chain systems, SPA systems and management.

Actually, HOdo’s menswear flagship stores have already brought holographic projection, intelligent robots, intelligent fitting rooms and virtual reality glasses into use.

Precisely because it seized opportunities in time, its revenue during January to March totaled 573 million yuan, a 16.91 percent increase year-over-year.

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