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The General Steel Plant organizes the Electrical Skill PK Contest

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Recently the Steel No. 1 Plant organized the 2015 Electrical Operation Skill PK Contest. The Banburying Workshop, Area A, Area B and Area C designated the electrical elites for the contest. Related responsible person of the Equipment Department served as the judges of the contest. Related responsible person of Steel No.1 Plant, Production Management Department, Quality Department, etc. attended the contest.    


The entire competition involved two sections: electrical operation and electrical knowledge. After confirming the theme of electrical operation, the eight contestants of the four workshops started their work methodically. After obtaining 147 points, the Banburying Workshop won the first place of the contest with overwhelming superiority.    


The contest not only aroused the working enthusiasm of the electrical employees by displaying the techniques of the electrical maintenance employees of Steel No. 1 Plant, but also was conducive to the technical communication and common progress among electrical employees of all the workshops.   


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