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Zhou Haijiang: carry forward entrepreneurial spirit

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As early as 2015, Zhou Haijiang, Board Chairman and CEO of HOdo Group brought forward a concept of “all-win among all-win among shareholders, employees, clients, suppliers, partners, governments, environment and the society”, at the 13th World Chinese Entrepreneurs Convention.

Zhou said the industry leaders should adhere to an entrepreneurial spirit and work hard in the future to meet people's needs for their pursuit for better life.

Family tradition: basics of entrepreneurial spirit

At a Beijing conference to honor model families across the nation on Monday, President Xi Jinping called for efforts to make families "an important foundation" for national development, progress and social harmony.

Calling families the "cells of society", the top leader said that the rejuvenation of the nation and the happiness of the people are embodied by the happiness of tens of thousands of families and the better life of hundreds of millions of people.

Xi said that people from all walks of life should strive for socialist family values featuring love for the nation, family and one another, devotion to progress and kindness, and mutual growth and sharing.

He pointed out that the Chinese nation has always valued the family, and traditional family virtues are a precious treasure for promotion of family harmony and an important spiritual power supporting the Chinese nation.

He said he hoped that families would value education and their own familial culture. Xi said that though family education had many aspects, the most important was character building, stressing sound moral values should be passed down to children from an early age.

Zhou Haijiang and his family keep promoting fine family culture and sustain the good social ethos for years.

Entrepreneurial spirit: boost high-quality development

Zhou said entrepreneurs should fulfill political, development and social duties. Hodo celebrated its 60th anniversary last year. According to Zhou Haijiang, the garment manufacturer has closely followed the CPC's policies during its six decades, helping it to grow from a small workshop to an industry leader with annual sales revenue of 3 billion yuan ($456 million).

As Zhou explained, private companies usually meet three major challenges: misjudging opportunity in the market, insufficient supply of talent and loose bonding between employees.

"Party building is the most effective way of addressing these challenges," he said.

For private businesses, the Party's latest policies offer the biggest opportunities, he added, with the best example being the reform and opening-up policies which helped the company's owners to innovate.

"Party building activities will help to develop an advanced corporate culture and so the employees will be nurtured. In this way, companies need not worry so much about the shortage of talent," he said.

According to Zhou, Party building activities help private companies to realize their corporate social responsibilities.

"The companies' relationships with the government, society, shareholders, employees, partners, and customers will become smoother as a result of Party building activities. Plus the bonds between the employees will have also become closer," he said.

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