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"Qixi Red Fans Season", Big Discount Is Waiting For You

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“Qixi” in 2018, is the 18th “HOdo Magpie Festival” created by HOdo Group. In order to further strengthen the user-centered business philosophy, this year, we have focused on creating the festival for fans - "Qi Xi Red Fans Season".

During the "Qixi Red Fans Season", HOdo brand series as “HOdo men’s wear”, “Hodo home”, “HOdo home textile”, “HOdo children's garments” and “HOdo property”, will carry out a variety of activities to expand membership.


On “HOdo Magpie Festival”, lunar July seventh, All kinds of activities bring the strongest Qixi experience to Hodo fans, such as online and offline discounts, giving members gift package, inviting fans to watch the CCTV-3 " - HOdo Magpie Festival special program" party, etc..

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