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HOdo Group Title CCTV-3 Program

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This year, the CCTV Qixi party exclusively titled by HOdo Group, recently recorded in the two new love holy land -Jiangxi Xian'nü Fairy Lake and Xi'an Kunming Pool, one located in south, one in north. The party will be broadcast on CCTV Variety Channel at 19:30 on August 17th. The CCTV Integrated Channel and CCTV International Channel will also broadcast. By then, a festive feast of Qixi culture will be dedicated to the national audience.


"HOdo Qixi Special Program" of this year, which broadcasted in CCTV-3, is third exclusively titled by HOdo full-media. Since 2001, HOdo Group has begun to raise the banner of promoting excellent traditional culture, advocating Chinese people to celebrate their own Valentine's Day - Qixi Festival, and set up their own brand festival – HOdo Qixi Festival. HOdo Group has continuously promoted the traditional Qixi Festival for 18 years, and has held Qixi party several times together with CCTV. It also carried out activities such as “finding the most beautiful love story” and “finding modern poet Wang Wei” and gained more and more attention.

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