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HOdo Group exclusive title ‘2018 Xishan Wanshan Lake International Marathon’

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On August 10th, it was learned from the "HOdo 2018 Xishan Wanshan Lake International Marathon" conference that "Wan Ma" of this year will start on November 11. It is understood that this event is hosted by China Association of Athletics and Xishan District People's Government, undertook by Xishan District Cultural and Sports Bureau, Jiangsu Suao Sports, and exclusive titled by HOdo Group. The event consists of marathon (42.195 km) and mini-run (5 km), it covers a 42km PB track which has historical and cultural heritage and beautiful scenery of Jiangnan. This year's event is another all-horse race held in Huadong Region after Xiamen Marathon and Shanghai Marathon. The number of participants will reach 6,000.

As the exclusive title of this "Wan Ma", HOdo Group said that holding marathon advocates the health of all people, promotes the sports spirit and contributes to the development of hometown. The marathon will not only attract many visitors to the scene, but also play a role in shaping the image of the city and creating a city card. It can make the city a focus at home and abroad, and bring more opportunities for the development of urban tourism and service industries. it still plays a very good role in promoting in the process of attracting investment.

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