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HOdo Co., Ltd and Jingdong Jointly deepen the strategic cooperation of unbounded retail

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On August 15th, “HOdo Light Goose Down New Product Launch Conference and HOdo × Jingdong Crowdfunding Launching Meeting” and “HOdo × Jingdong Love Public Welfare Accurate Poverty Alleviation Conference” were successfully held in Beijing. Following the strategic cooperation between HOdo co., ltd and Jingdong in April, the high-level leaders of the two sides once again gathered at the Jingdong headquarters. They Start online launch event on the Jingdong crowdfunding platform of Jingdong Finance. From the joint efforts to build "unbounded retail" to the empowerment development of both sides, the cooperation between HOdo and Jingdong is further deepening.

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1+1>2, HOdo and Jingdong strongly teamed up, constantly breaking the sales barrier to release the empowerment effect. The launch of "HOdo Light Goose Down" is the first time to release new product in a crowdfunding platform. Following the development of fashion products, HOdo Co., Ltd. started with an online platform to provide decision-making basis for offline precision marketing; on the other hand, taking new products as a breakthrough point, tapping the product needs of potential consumers and further matching the positioning of products and brands.

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