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Countless responses to the HOdo textile slogan

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Since the HOdo Textile Wedding Celebration Hall started to solicit slogans from June 24, countless  contributes have been offered nationwide. The reporter learned from a related office for soliciting the slogans that more than 51,000 contributions have been made when the news is published and the hotline for this activity is “hot” indeed for it is busy all the time.


“We are too busy to have a rest because of the numerous phone calls, letters and Emails”, said Ma who is in responsible for straightening up the electronic contributions. She also indicated that most of the contributions are offered by Email. Besides, many people called to confirm if we have received their Emails.  


It is reported that the activity also attracted the attentions of many franchisees. The reporter learned that so far the solicitation office has received around 500 phone calls on consultation of the membership to the HOdo Textile Wedding Celebration Hall.  

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