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The 4th China Brand Forum Opened HOdo Group was selected as "Chinese Brand Excellent Case Story"

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On December 26, the "4th China Brand Forum" organized by the People's Daily was grandly opened in Beijing. At the meeting, Zhou Haijiang, Chairman and CEO of HOdo Group, was awarded the “2018 China Brand Innovative Person Award”, and HOdo Group was selected for the “Chinese Brand Excellent Case Story” published by the People’s Daily.


More than 300 people including the heads of domestic government departments, authoritative experts, enterprise elites, and media representatives gathered in the event site. Around the brand development process around the 40 years of reform and opening up, they looked forward to the development trend, focused on outstanding issues, sought solutions, and painted brands development prospects.


In the high-quality development path of “promoting quality change with independent brands, promoting efficiency change with high performance, and promoting dynamic change with independent innovation”, HOdo Group has placed its “domestic brand” at the top position, and would create a high-quality brand of HOdo with “three major supports”——High-tech content + high cultural content + high social responsibility in response to the requirements of high-quality development of the country.

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