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HOdo co., ltd appeared in Shanghai Lujiazui

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Recently, HOdo co., ltd landed in Shanghai's core CBD Lujiazui subway station. The 12-meter-large advertising screen has been installed in a subway station with a traffic volume of 60 million/year. HOdo co., ltd shows the new image of its brand with traffic and visual multiple dimensions, and strongly enter into the first-tier cities. At the same time, the advertisement was interpreted by Wu Jing, the new image ambassador of HOdo Group. The new slogan, “Mr. Real, has a certain style and degree, HOdo light fashion”, was officially presented with the public.

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As a classic national menswear brand, HOdo co., ltd chose to place advertisements in Lujiazui, which is based on the desire to establish a brand image and expand the volume of sound in first-tier cities. Most of the passenger flowing in Lujiazui subway station is white-collars, and most of them are financial practitioners. Those passengers have a high fashion sensitivity and a strong demand for clothing consumption. They also have a certain amount of communication volume in the terminal consumer market and the capital market, who are high-quality potential customers of the products of HOdo co., ltd.

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