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Zhou Haijiang delivered a keynote speech at the China Business Times Annual Meeting: Overcoming the "three mountains" and being "our own people"

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On January 18th, the 2018 China Private Economy Annual Conference with the theme of “Confidence to China: New Starting Point, New Vision, New Private Enterprise”, hosted by the All-China Federation of Industry and Commerce and sponsored by the China Business Times, was held in Beijing. Li Zhaoqian, Member of the CPC leading group of the all-china federation of industry and commerce and Vice Chairman, attended and delivered a speech. Liu Shangxi, Dean of the China Academy of Fiscal Science, Zhou Haijiang, Vice President of All-China General Chamber of Industry and Commerce, Chairman of the China Business Times Council, Chairman and CEO of HOdo Group, and other guests attended and delivered a keynote speech.


In the keynote speech of "Overcoming the Three Mountains" and being "Our Own People", Zhou Haijiang said that "the mountain of financing", "the iceberg of the market" and "the volcano of transformation" did not appeared in recent years. They have existed for a long time and have run through the development of private enterprises. The external environment and policy optimization cannot completely remove the “three mountains” and the Internal factors are the key to solving problems. Zhou Haijiang also took HOdo as a example: to deal with the problem of "three big mountains", we should cultivate independent capital, to create independent brands, and to rely on independent innovation.

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