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The first high-speed rail with title sponsorship of the garment industry - debut trip of the HOdo high-speed train

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HOdo Magpie Festival - Love in China. China’s No. 1 culture brand - The Beijing-Shanghai high-speed HOdo train with title sponsorship of Hodo Group made its debut trip on the exact date of the Magpie Festival. This is the first high-speed  train with title sponsorship of China’s garment industry. The HOdo Harmony train will enable passengers to have a deeper exposure of the HOdo’s cultural appeal and the edification of China’s love culture, and offer them a wonderful trip with love in their hearts.     


The HOdo Magpie Festival organized by HOdo Group has been going on for 15 years on end. It advocates the Chinese to carry forward China’s outstanding traditional culture, maintains that to operate a business is to be a lover, proposes the Magpie Festival to be the valentine day of the Chinese and to replace rose with ormosia. Ormosia is the tangible love and love is the intangible ormosia. The plant embodies friendship, love, family affection and the most genuine affection in the world. HOdo Group has been interpreting corporate culture through “affection” and upholding the inheritance of Chinese culture on the Chinese Valentine's day. The series of activities for the 15th HOdo Magpie Festival - Love in China planned by HOdo Group bring about the integration of Hodo and the Harmony high-speed train. The creative mobile publicity aims to bring together HOdo, Magpie Festival, and high-speed train in the trip of love, invest the HOdo brand series with new ideas of publicity to make the affection culture enjoy wider popularity and bring about the synergetic effect of “trip of love, affection in China”.  

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