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HOdo Industrial Internet Platform was listed as a pilot demonstration project by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology

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Recently, HOdo Group's “HOdo-Textile and Apparel Industry Internet Platform” was approved by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology as a pilot demonstration project for the 2018 Industrial Internet Platform, and it became the only enterprise in the Chinese apparel industry to enter the national-level platform pilot demonstration project.

As a leading company in the field of textile and garment in China, the creation of "HOdo-textile platform for textile and garment industry" is of great significance. For HOdo Group, on the basis of the original business, the ability to form a platform level is formed. Through this platform, we will open up the people, equipment, data and other elements of all aspects of garment production, promote the development of synergistic strategy of intelligent manufacturing and industrialization of HOdo Group, realizing the high-quality development of enterprises. HOdo Group will promote the functions of cloud services, project incubation and financial services to the members of the Federation, and create an industrial chain ecosystem to drive the overall improvement of the industry with China Textile's industry resources,

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