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HOdo Group solidly promoted the fifteenth ‘potential-tapping month’ ?

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March of this year was the 15th ‘potential-tapping month’ held by HOdo Group. After the kick-off meeting of the Group's potential- tapping on March 1st, the companies closely focused on the deployment of the group's “three independence and six models upgrade” and deepened the work of tapping potential and increasing efficiency. At present, the overall work of ‘potential-tapping month’ is promoted in an orderly manner, and all members actively participate. As of March 14, the Group had received 18,268 rationalization proposals, adopted 980 articles, and implemented 209 articles, of which 103 were recommended by suppliers.


Focusing on the "six costs", the company sorts out the key points of cost reduction systematically and realizes the advantage of cost competitiveness and the sustainability of profits, which is one of the key tasks of ‘potential-tapping month’ every year. Actively planning and developing brand suppliers and building a high-quality supply chain system is an important task in the implementation of the “six models” this year; in marketing, the brands focus on strengthening pre-consumer research and market insights, and doing accurate marketing. Zhou Haijiang, Chairman and CEO of HOdo Group, said at the kick-off meeting that at any time, we should not forget the goal orientation and problem orientation. Finding out the problem reflects your level and solving the problem reflects your ability. We should improve the comprehensive ability by solving the problem and boost the development of the company to a new level.

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