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“HOdo” is rated as the famous trademark of China- winner of the same title for the third time

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Recently it is learned from Jiangsu Administration for Industry and Commerce that the HOdo trademark is rated as “famous trademark of China” by SAIC. It is Hodo’s third “famous trademark of China” following the Ormosia and Swift Horse trademarks have won the same title, which makes Hodo Group to be one of the few Chinese enterprises winning three famous trademarks.     


As Hodo’s main garment brand registered in 2009, the HOdo trademark extends to cover many a category such as underwear, shirt, T-shirt, and sport shirt and has been rated as superior product of the industry by the China National Garment Association for more than one occasion. Hodo’s winning of the title as “famous trademark of China” will mean a lot in further enhancing the popularity of the Hodo garment and the social influence of HOdo brand.    

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