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Winners of HOdo Group’s Contemporary Love Poem Contest are announced

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On August 15, winners of “China · HOdo Velvet Cup” Contemporary Love Poem Contest were officially announced in Taxus Chinensis Village in Wuxi. Song Zhigang from Changsha, Hunan stood out among the 46,205 poem contributions and won the grand prize with his collection of poems entitled HOdo - Mighty Heartbeats. Hu Yunchang and over 60 authors won the first prize, second prize, prize of excellent works and campus poetry prize respectively. 


Liang Ping, famous poet and chief editor of the poetry periodical Star, Jia Mengwei, chief editor of magazine Bell Mountain, famous poet Wang Xuerui, etc. were present at the award ceremony. Zhou Yaoting, board chairman and president Zhou Haijiang among many other leaders of HOdo Group also attended the ceremony.


This contest was jointly organized by the most authoritative Star Poetry Periodical in China’s poetry sphere and HOdo Group, and is China’s first contemporary love poem contest centering on HOdo and HOdo Magpie Festival. The competition inspired the passion of poetry lovers in writing poems. The numerous excellent works further carry forward the correct view of love. It is reported that the contest received a total of 46,205 Chinese love poems from 8,542 authors from 34 provinces, cities, autonomous regions, municipalities from mainland China, Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan and the US, France, Japan, Korea, etc.  

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