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HOdo Group recognizes outstanding global suppliers

Published in: 2019-03-22

Creating a win-win ecosystem

On March 22nd, “Global Outstanding Supplier Recognition and HOdo Art Troupe Unveiled Ceremony” of HOdo Group was opened in HOdo Fortune Plaza. 100 outstanding suppliers from all over the world gathered to discuss cooperation experience and look forward to the greater integration and development in new era. At the meeting, the HOdo Group Art Troupe was unveiled and established. It will explore and inherit the spirit and value of HOdo Group and help the development of the win-win ecosystem with art.

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The HOdo Art Troupe is the carrier and communication platform of the culture of HOdo Group. It aims to build the “First Culture Brand of HOdo”, enhance the corporate culture internally and promote the brand culture externally. The HOdo Art Troupe is an art group composed of the backbone of HOdo employees. Through the formation of the art troupe, the construction of HOdo culture will be further promoted and the connotation of HOdo brand will be enriched.

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Zhou Haijiang, Chairman and CEO of HOdo Group, said that the competition of enterprises in the future must be the competition between the ecosystems. From paying attention to inter-enterprise competition to industrial chain competition, HOdo Group has raised its focus on eco-sphere competition and put forward the concept of “win-win”, that is, efforts to achieve “win-win” with shareholders, employees, customers, suppliers, partners, governments, the environment, and society ( the community) and other eight stakeholders to create a better ecosystem.

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