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Cultivate new-age industrial workers with the characteristics of "four havings"

Published in: 2019-04-22

HOdo Group Trade Union held its fifth congress

On April 20th, the fifth member representative meeting of HOdo Group Trade Union was held at the Yew Hotel Convention Center. 130 representatives from all the work lines of the group participated in the meeting. The meeting elected members of the "two committees" of the group trade union, the new leader of the trade union, and Wang Zhuqian, deputy secretary of the group party committee, was elected chairman of the labor union. Zhou Haijiang, Secretary of the Party Committee of the Group, Chairman and CEO of the Board of Directors, leaders of Wuxi Federation of Trade Unions attended the meeting and delivered speeches.


In his speech, Zhou Haijiang affirmed the achievements of the trade union work, and expressed his most sincere gratitude to the broad masses of cadres and workers on behalf of the party committee of the group. He said that the success of HOdo Group stems from the collective wisdom and hard work of nearly 30,000 industrial workers. The responsibility of the trade unions is to be a good-hearted person for industrial workers, to bridge the gap between enterprises and employees, and to guide the vast number of industrial workers to establish their own positions and build a new era of merit Under the new era and the new situation, he hope that the Fifth Committee of the Trade Union can shoulder its responsibilities and fulfill its mission, insist on adhering to the "Four Haves" characteristics to cultivate HOdo industrial workers in the new era, and promote new progress and achieve new breakthroughs in the construction of industrial workers in the enterprise, eventually creating a new situation in the work of the group's trade unions.


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