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HOdo Home smooth HOdo cotton Debut at the 101st China Cotton Knitwear Trade Fair

Published in: 2019-04-23

On April 20th, the 101st China Cotton Knitwear Trade Fair was held in Shanghai New International Expo Center! HOdo Home brings new products in spring and summer-HOdo cotton slippery home clothes to participate in the exhibition, and participated in the China Underwear Industry Evening and China Textile and Apparel Industry Awards Ceremony and the first China Underwear Culture and Art Festival and other activities. HOdo Home lived up to expectations and won the "2018 China underwear industry annual brand" "2018 China's top ten chain enterprises in the underwear industry" "2018 China's underwear industry innovation company" and many other honors.  

At this year's China Cotton Knitwear Trade Fair, exhibitors from all over the country showcase their products, and based on the concept of “being comfortable for life” and the healthy and comfortable products, HOdo Home stood out among many participating brands. Since the first release of the HOdo cotton in 2015, HOdo Home pursues the ultimate and iteratively updates the HOdo cotton that is silky and smooth based on the user's pain point. In the future, HOdo Home will continue to revolve around the brand concept of “born for comfort”, and will continue to explore the upgrade of underwear fabric design to provide consumers with high-quality and affordable national underwear.

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