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Intelligent system Quality service——HOdo Men's omni-channel business officially launched

Published in: 2019-04-20

At 9 o'clock on the morning of April 19, HOdo Men's omni-channel business launching conference was held. Through the on-line intelligent omni-channel ecosystem, HOdo Men's clothing can be online ordered and shop delivery, online ordered and warehouse delivery, shop ordered and neighbor shop delivery, shop ordered and warehouse delivery, so that more users can get better and better services through omnichannel, which really implements the concept of putting users first.


The conference publicized the omni-channel business scenario and the omni-channel order management regulations, and clarified the importance of the omni-channel business online. All channels centered the whole scene, the whole store, the whole product, covering HOdo Men's thousand clothing stores nationwide. Through the intelligent system, not only can each link be closely connected, but also make up for each other's vacancies, consumers can quickly match the place of delivery within a single minute, which greatly improves the efficiency of order processing and also enhances the purchasing experience of consumers.  

In the face of increasingly competitive market environment and rapid iteration of the Internet era, HOdo will better use the Internet thinking model in the future to empower brand with technology, focus on user experience, and persist in innovation of business model through independent research and development and technological innovation, which brings consumers a better shopping experience.

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