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Innovation creates excellence? potential-tapping improves quality?

Published in: 2019-03-31

Recently, in order to respond quickly to the demand of China's tire market, Jiangsu General Science Technology Co., Ltd. took the lead in launching the first shot of marketing activities in 2019. With the theme of focusing, expanding and winning, it will carry out marketing meetings, precise strategic planning and innovative marketing layout in key provinces and cities nationwidewhich greatly boosted the sales confidence of the on-site dealers. Not only did the old customers respond positively, but many new customers also showed strong demand for orders.


Leading technology creates superior quality. In 2019, the company will build five first-class, establish a world-class research and development platform, introduce first-class science and technology leading talents, build a first-class mechanism of R&D and market sales-linked, results performance PK, increase scientific research investment, focus on performance upgrades, and promote the development and application of new materialsinnovation in process equipment and transformation of scientific and technological achievements, achieve smart manufacturing, green manufacturing, continue to maintain technological leadership, create first-class technology products, and continued to win the market.

Potential-tapping improves management quality. In 2019, in the fifteenth ‘potential-tapping month’, Jiangsu General Science Technology Co., Ltd. centers on users, focuses on categories, creates a user-based agile organization, carrys out mass-based innovations based on positions, does accurate marketing, deepens high-performance management, and seizes consumption upgrade opportunities, provides high-quality products and services, deepen the work of tapping potential and increasing efficiency, and comprehensively improve the quality of business management.

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