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HOdo co., ltd. Cooperates with Perception Group

Published in: 2019-04-04

Powering "Wisdom HOdo"

On April 3, HOdo Group and HOdo co., ltd. signed a strategic cooperation with the Perception Group. It is reported that the signatory parties will each exert their own industrial advantages and empower each other, and apply technologies, products and solutions such as the Internet of Things to the construction of smart HOdo. Zhou Haijiang, Chairman and CEO of HOdo Group, Liu Haitao, Dean of Wuxi Internet of Things Industry Research Institute and Wuxi Institute of Internet of Things Finance, witnessed the signing cooperation.

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HOdo co., ltd. seized the opportunity of “smart” development, proposed the strategic goal of “Smart HOdo” in 2015, and actively used the Internet, Internet of Things and other technical means to comprehensively transform and upgrade itself, and actively build the "Wisdom HOdo" project with the help of the capital market, which has embarked on a "smart" development path with HOdo characteristics. As the pioneer of the global Internet of Things finance, the leader of the Internet of Things financial practice, Perception Group is a high-tech enterprise with the Internet of Things as the core and with in-depth integration of research, production, finance, and business. At present, Perception Group has built an objective, credible, secure and flexible IoT technology system that integrates big data, blockchain, artificial intelligence and other applications. It is reported that after the strategic cooperation between the two parties, they will jointly explore and practice in the areas of building smart stores, smart warehousing, and intelligent manufacturing model factories.

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