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Qixi HOdo Fans Season and the 19th HOdo Qixi Festival is fully launched

Published in: 2019-07-05

HOdo Qixi Festival, Chinese Valentine's Day. Unknowingly, HOdo Qixi Festival held by HOdo Group has accompanied everyone for 19 years. As the Qixi Festival approaches, Qixi HOdo fans’ party will come again! On July 7th, the 19th HOdo Qixi Festival was launched in an all-round way, with the exclusive title of CCTV Qixi Party, HOdo 2019 Xishan Wanshan Lake International Marathon, the seventh season to find the most beautiful story, and “HOdo Men's Wear” “HOdo Home" "HOdo Home Textile", "XHDKIDS", "Yew", "CELIMO" tires and other brands fully giving back to consumers online and offline, which are full of love.

HOdo fans”, as a fan group behind HOdo brand, turned their love for products into support for HOdo brands. The brands of HOdo Group have year-round “HOdo fans” benefits, including new product experience, free gifts, coupons, party for HOdo fans, etc. Qixi Festival of this year, HOdo brands will acquire consumers’ information from official Weibo, Wechat, Tmall store, and Douyin and choose lucky HOdo fans to participate. Therefore, as long as you like HOdo brands, you will have the opportunity to be selected as the lucky Qixi HOdo fans at any time.

HOdo persisted in the promotion of the Chinese Valentine's Day——HOdo Qixi Festival for 19 years, and make the festival very popular among the Chinese. This summer, HOdo Qixi Festival designs many new ways to participate, making the combination of tradition and modernity, which can make Qixi, the national intangible cultural heritageshow their new charm.

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