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HOdo Group and CCTV Variety jointly created "HOdo Qixi Festival · Lovers in the world" special program

Published in: 2019-07-23

On July 22nd, the CCTV Variety Qixi special program "Lovers in the World" titled by HOdo Group, was successfully recorded on the bank of the Xinyu Fairy Lake in Jiangxi. The host Yang Fan and Zhang Lei joined hands with Lin Zhiling, Li Yuchun, Li Ronghao, Li Shengjie, Lin Youjia, Feier Band, Hu Xia, Yu Kewei and other stars to bring an audio-visual feast to the audience.

The special program of CCTV-"HOdo Qixi Festival·lovers in the world" of this year is fourth full-media exclusive titled by HOdo Group. Since 2001, HOdo Group has begun to raise the banner of promoting excellent traditional culture, advocating Chinese people to live their own Valentine's Day - Qixi Festival, and set up their own brand festival - HOdo Qixi Festival. On May 20, 2006, Qixi Festival was also included in the first batch of national intangible cultural heritage. HOdo joined hands with CCTV Qixi special program is a fusion of HOdo love culture and traditional Qixi, and is also a powerful measure for HOdo to continue to build a cultural brand. By 2019, HOdo has been leading the promotion of HOdo Qixi Festival for 19 consecutive years. With the continuous development of society, HOdo Group has also carried out activities such as “finding the most beautiful love story” and “finding modern Wang Wei”, constantly giving the connotation adapting to contemporary human needs.

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