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The 2nd HOdo "2019 Xishan Wanshan Lake International Marathon" Will Open in Autumn

Published in: 2019-06-28

On June 28th, the press conference of “Beautiful Xishan·Vibrant Wanma” HOdo 2019 Xishan Wanshan Lake International Marathon was held in Xishan District, Wuxi. It is understood that the event is hosted by the China Athletics Association and the Xishan District People's Government, and the Xishan District Cultural and Sports Bureau and Jiangsu Suao Sports Co., Ltd. and is exclusively named by HOdo Group.


The international marathon is divided into two parts: the full marathon (42.195 km) and the mini run (5 km). It will be officially opened at 7:30 am on Sunday, November 10, 2019 in Wuxi Xishan Yingbin Square. The Wanshan Lake International Marathon is the second international full marathon-based international event based on the first international marathon last year. It marks another full marathon International competition after the completion of the “Taihu Lake International Marathon”.


Last year, HOdo Headquarter building, near the start of “Wanma” and located next to Wuxi East Station, was officially opened. Relying on the strong transportation and environmental support advantages in the region, the financial, trade, R&D and other industrial sectors ushered in a new batch of high-quality talents, which injected a strong new impetus to this enterprise that has been operated for 60 years. Facing the new pattern, HOdo actively integrates into the high-quality development process of Xishan! This year, the sports brand-“HOdo Movement”, affiliated with HOdo, fully assists “Wan Ma”, further promotes the concept of national fitness and expands the influence of Xishan!

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