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China’s first water-planted Taxus chinensis breed has been cultivated successfully

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Yesterday the reporter learned from HOdo Group in Wuxi that this Group has cultivated the first batch of water-planted Taxus chinensises in China. Compared with traditonal Taxus chinensis, this breed can grow only by watering based on the scale of the planting basket and proves to be a perfect plant for the lazyboots.    

Dr. Zhu, the responsible person of research of Hodo Group in Wuxi indicated that the secret for the water-planted Taxus chinensis lies in the roots. It is very difficult in controlling water in the traditional way of cultivating Taxus chinensis through soil, so it is necessary for planters to have some techniques. In order to enable more green hand citizens to cultivate Taxus chinensis freely, the Group had come to cultivate water-planted Taxus chinensis from October 2013, in the hope that the new breed will have a change through the specially-cultivated roots and adapt to aquatic environments. Through research and development over the past two years, China’s first group of water-planted Taxus chinensises have been cultivated successfully in HOdo Group in Wuxi.    

In addition to the great convenience in growing the plant, water-planted Taxus chinensises is highly effective in purifying the air. Its leave and stem surface can secrete mucus and oil which will intercept, filtrate, absorb and stick to particles in the air and is therefore can be perceived as a natural air purifier. Moreover, the plant can increase oxygen in all weathers and the air humidity, thus contributing a lot to human health and is fit to be placed indoors.  

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