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HOdo Group won the SPBA United Morning Post 2019 "China's Top Ten Leading Brands in Industry"

Published in: 2019-06-22

Recently, Singapore's "United Morning Post" together with the Singapore SMEs Chamber of Commerce released the first "China's Top Ten Industry Leading Brands" and the "Asia/China Supreme Brand Award" list, HOdo Group, China Telecom, Industrial and Commercial Bank of China, Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd. Ten companies including China Petroleum and Tsingtao Brewery have won the title of “China's Top Ten Leading Brands in Industry”. HOdo Group is the only brand in the textile and apparel industry.


HOdo always regards technology and culture as the essence of the brand. Half of the brand is high technology and half is excellent culture. In terms of technology, HOdo improves quality with innovation, create superior products with quality, and achieve brand strength with superior products. In terms of culture, HOdo has led the company culture through party culture to form an excellent brand culture. Secondly, the love culture is regarded as the core of corporate culture, and the concept of “brand festival” has been launched. Since 2001, the “HOdo Qixi Festival” has been held every year. It has been carrying forward Chinese traditional culture, promoting healthy love concept, consolidating the brand culture and enhancing brand awareness. A company revived a festival, and HOdo Group created another national first.

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